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Any R&D data management

Any R&D data management

How to manage all aspects of information in your R&D – CAD, ECAD, Software, and Quality.

Today development consists of many kinds of data and files. Companies acquire others information systems and soon there are multiple tools for the same task in one company. To demonstrate this, a story that hit the headlines some years ago was the delay of the A380 from Airbus. The design was made in using multiple tools for wiring and 3D CAD so when prototyping started nothing fitted. The first step towards full PLM is to take control of all of these variants.

Windchill PDMLink manage:

  • Any kind of 3D or 2D CAD data (Creo, Catia, Autocad, Solidworks, EPlan etc)
  • Software code
  • Assembly instructions
  • Technical documentation and service information
  • Quality Documentation and processes
  • Requirements

This will lead to a complete control of your product development data.

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