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Customer Story: SVIA


SVIA builds automated solutions for machine tending processes.


  • Growth in the design department resulted in difficulties to have control over all information to suppliers, with the consequence that incorrect products were manufactured.
  • Another consequence was increased problems with assemble our products.


  • PTC Creo Essentials, PTC Windchill PDM Essentials, PTC eLearning, Keyshot.

Business values

  • Orderliness.
  • Control of data and revisions.
  • By reducing the number of errors and mistakes SVIA saved both time and costs.

Orderliness in R&D at SVIA

”A couple of years ago when we went from three to four designers we took the step to invest in PDM software. We have been struggle sometime with the program but overall we like the orderliness that becomes with PDM Essential. We have the right production documentation to our vendors, our shop and we have control over the revision handling now when we are seven designers”.

Anders Mandorsson, Head of design and project management, SVIA.


Image: SVIA


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