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Customer Story: Linköping University

Linköping University

Linköping University is a multi-faculty university, and has been an innovator regarding university CAD/PLM-training, creating new study programs and new ways to tackle research problems.
Reference area: CAD and PLM.

Business drivers

  • State-of-the-art university CAD/PLM-training.
  • Research on the design process involving CAD/PLM.


  • Working with PDSVision, an authorized PTC Reseller, Linköping University adopted Windchill PDMLink. Creo and Windchill are used daily by students at the beginner level as well as advanced level, and also for research. PTC’s solutions have helped to create an environment for easily creating, designing and managing products, assessment and research in the best possible way.

Business values

  • Improved efficiency regarding education, innovation and assessment.
  • Enhanced communication between students and teachers.

Linköping University Improves Teaching in CAD/PLM

”Creo and Windchill drives and enables us to conduct the very best CAD/PLM-education Sweden has to offer”.”

– Peter Hallberg, Lecturer, Linköpings University


Photo: Linköping Universitet

Linköping University

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