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Customer Story: Flatfrog


Flatfrog creates a new exciting world for multi-touch computing and applications.
Reference area: PLM


  • With a fast growing market FlatFrog need a complete solution to meet the market and also prepare for continues fast response.
  • No ERP system, complex to keep track of product configurations (Baselines).
  • Time consuming process to prepare and package all product data towards global manufacturing sites.
  • Need of standardized working methods for mechanical design when number of employees changing rapidly.


  • Windchill PDMLink and PDSApplications Search Portal and QA-checker.

Business values

  • Time, reduced time to distribute and package product data.
  • Collaboration, accuracy for internal and external communication.
  • Quality, improved data accuracy according to business rules.

Global manufacturing with PLM as ERP

”The time spent to package and distribute accurate information internally and throughout our global production partners has reduced significantly. Using solutions from PDSVision with the configuration framework in Windchill, the time spent goes from days to hours”

– Jens Thorvinger, Hardware Manager, Flatfrog


Image: Flatfrog


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