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Customer Story: Envirotainer


Envirotainer provides active temperature-controlled containers for air cargo.
Referenceare: PLM with Change Management and Star Support


  • To transfer the existing manual process according to DOA, EASA Part 21 for changing design data management.
  • Collect and connect different types of design data that has been “scattered“.
  • Reduce the risk that incorrect data is available for production.


Windchill PDMLink, PDSApplications PLM, PDSApplications IQC, Professional Services, E-signatures.

Busniess values

  • Reduced risk and error in production and administration.
  • Time and Security, easy to search and find the documentation and secure that right information is delivered to the right person.
  • Control, know that the documentation is always the last applicable.
  • Quality, through audits (Experts, receiver and QA).
  • Repeatability, no shortcuts are possible, all issues passing the same step through the process.

Digitalization all the way.

“PDSVision support is very appreciated with a very skilled and service minded team, who are well familiar with our systems.
The Star Support service with server checks, has given us stability in Windchill PDMLink, the health of the systems is regulatory checked, which would otherwise be undone, with a stop in the system as a consequence”.

Stefan Norelius, CAD/PLM-admin, Envirotainer


Photo: Envirotainer


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