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Customer Story: Dust Control Systems

Dust Control Systems

Dust Control Systems supplies a range of flue gas cleaning, dust removal and gas cleaning equipment to demanding environments.
Reference area: PLM


  • Control of the data created by R&D department.
  • The possibility to work outside the factory and office environment.
  • Locating and searching of the correct data.


  • PTC Windchill PDM Essentials with PDSApplications.

Business values

  • Product data is systematically saved and controlled (revisions, user specific information).
  • Working outside the office and factory environment is now possible without the danger of overwriting data.
  • Single source for all data and it is very easy to search.

Control of data

“After our team of designers grew, we decided to invest in a PDM system. It would have been really hard to work out of the office or control the product data all together. We chose PDSVision as our partner. Now we can save data in a controlled fashion and our sales, procurement and our associates can actually find it”.

– Ilkka Korhonen, Managing Director, Dust Control Systems


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Dust Control Systems

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