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Servigistics Arbortext

Servigistics Arbortext Editor

Servigistics Arbortext Editor

Servigistics Arbortext Editor, formerly known as PTC Arbortext Editor, is the worlds most commonly used XML editor for authoring. Arbortext Editor has grown to become the world´s mostly used XML editor and for some very good reasons.

  • A user friendly interface that reminds of other Windows applications
  • Easy to integrate with databases
  • Best in class import and export tools
  • Arbortext Editor is not only a a great XML-authoring tool but it is also the foundation of the Arbortext family of products making the process of structured XML-authoring work with less effort.


The Arbortext Editor is part of the Arbortext Dynamic Publishing family. The suite offers you an entire solution for your dynamic publishing needs.

When you need a comprehensive single source XML-authoring tool Arbortext Editor delivers. It is built to make the user feel at home in different environments, whether it is working together with Windchill or with Simonsoft CMS. With Arbortext Editor your XML-authoring is single sourced and gives your authors a structured authoring environment. This will benefit the work flow tremendously.

Servigistics Arbortext Isodraw

Servigistics Arbortext Isodraw

World class technical illustrations and still linked to 3D Design. With Arbortext IsoDraw many organizations are combining the agility of a modern 3D CAD integration and world class 2D illustration in one tool.

PTC Arbortext IsoDraw is the world’s leading solution for generating 2D illustrations from 3D designs. But not just that, Arbortext IsoDraw also adds a 2D illustration capability where the user can illustrate in a 3D perspective (Isometric) and marry the 3D CAD data with 2D illustrations in one image. Something which is needed if:

  • Product Design comes in a mix of 2D and 3D data
  • Items are missing or simply not in the design to save time (bolts, nuts)
  • Hands, tools, balloons or other 2D objects are necessary to enhance the image
  • Threads, nut design, cables or other images needs to be enhanced for better understanding.

Arbortext IsoDraw was the first tool on the market for technical illustrations and is used by thousands of companies and service providers worldwide. It also supports S1000D standard for CGM format which has rendered a large customer base in the world of aerospace and defence.


  • Easy to use, suited for Marketing, technical illustrators,
  • 3D CAD integration to most CAD systems with update function
  • Integrates with standard formats like JT, IGES, STEP
  • Manage 3D structure and objects
  • Hotspot images automatically
  • Export to any 2D format like EPS, SVG, CGM, DXF and many more
  • Trace function to recreate data from an image
  • Manage spare part images and balloons
  • 2D illustration from scratch in flat or perspective view
  • Extensive library of more than 3500 parts, hands, tools and similar.
Servigistics Arbortext Publishing Engine

Servigistics Arbortext Publishing Engine

Automatically assemble and publish tailored information to multiple audiences in interactive and page-based formats automate your publishing processes in order to customize information, lower production costs, accelerate information time-to-market, and ensure information consistency.

The Arbortext Publishing Engine is a server-based, single system that provides the end-to-end ability to intelligently pull XML from content management systems and other business applications, profile that content for targeted audiences and different types of deliverables, and automatically generate service information and publications.

Arbortext Publishing Engine assures that you deliver the highest-quality, consistent product and service information throughout a product’s lifecycle.


  • Manipulate, Aggregate and Profile Content
  • Professional Publishing
  • Enforce stylesheet rules
  • Multichannel Delivery.

Arbortext Styler

The Styler lets you develop XML-based style sheets for your document needs.

With Arbortext Styler you develop single source style sheets which you can develop for all outputs or specific outputs to make specific looks and layouts for different outputs.

The style sheets together with the Arbortext Publishing Engine makes publishing automated to different formats like HTML and Web pages, print or PDF, HTML Help, Microsoft Word and wireless devices.


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